Industries Served

Make Marion your partner and take advantage of our manufacturing expertise. Our engineering team can recommend even slight modifications in part detail or configuration that can transform your product from an expensive, difficult-to-produce part to a more efficient and cost-saving alternative.

Marion Manufacturing offers specialized solutions to every customer every job, with exceptional expertise in Seven markets: Medical,Telecomminucations & New Technology, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Electronics.


Our company specializes in delivering precision, high-quality components perfectly suited for an array of medical products. These components cater to monitoring systems, Blood Transfusion & IV equipment, Surgical Devices & support equipment, Pump & Motor Components. Clients value our expertise in the design phase, aiding in the seamless transition of their products from prototype to market-ready efficiently. Our exceptional capacity to maintain crucial tolerances and ensure product repeatability renders us indispensable. Moreover, our in-house proficiency in packaging and assembly allows our clients to optimize their processes, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.

 Telecommunications & New Technology

At Marion, our client base spans across innovative sectors like wind and solar energy, high-tech communications, and more. We provide invaluable engineering consultations that prioritize manufacturability, offering recommendations aimed at reducing production costs. Our clients trust us for our unwavering commitment to flexibility and meticulous attention to quality at every stage. Embracing a mission centered on adopting and promoting ecological "green initiatives," we actively seek partnerships with enterprises operating in high-tech communications, wind and solar energy, and related industries. Our adept engineering team is poised to collaborate with you, transforming your concepts into market-ready solutions through rapid prototyping to large-scale production runs.                                                     


With a legacy of over 77 years in automotive production, Marion stands as a prominent leader in the industry. Proficient in crafting prototypes, short-run products, packaging, and component assemblies, we excel in delivering automotive parts with the necessary cost-efficiency, whether in high or low volumes.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is unwavering. By refining our processes and enhancing our equipment, we ensure that Marion remains your top choice for economic and efficient solutions. In the rapidly evolving landscape of the automotive industry, adaptability and flexibility are paramount for suppliers. Marion embodies these qualities seamlessly.

As the automotive industry undergoes transformative changes, Marion stands ready to embrace innovation. Bring us your ideas and experience the transformation of those concepts into marketplace innovations. 

 Aerospace & Defense

Marion has a strong track record in providing components that meet the demanding requirements of both military applications and aerospace industries. Precision, reliability, and repeatability are indeed crucial aspects in aerospace and defense manufacturing.

Marion’s expertise in maintaining precision tolerances aligns well with the stringent standards of the aerospace and defense sectors. This could be a valuable asset for companies looking for reliable partners with a history of success in aerospace and defense applications.


High-quality stamped metal components play a pivotal role in enhancing product efficiency and cost savings for electronic devices. The wide range of production capabilities in metal stamping allows our team to offer quick solutions and turn around on developing projects. Using high-quality stamped metal components is essential, these components contribute significantly to the functionality, reliability, and longevity of electronic devices. Marion has decades of experience working with customers to develop and supply electrical terminals, connectors, housing, and other drawn parts.