Industries Served

Make Marion your partner and take advantage of our manufacturing expertise. Our engineering team can recommend even slight modifications in part detail or configuration that can transform your product from an expensive, difficult-to-produce part to a more efficient and cost-saving alternative.

Marion Manufacturing offers specialized benefits to every customer and every job, especially in five markets: Medical, Commercial, New Technology, Aerospace and Automotive.


Our precision quality and flexible volumes are an ideal fit for a wide range of medical products, including components for monitoring and surgical devices. Our customers appreciate our design input and our ability to bring their product from prototype stages to the marketplace efficiently. Our ability to hold critical tolerances and product repeatability makes us indispensable and our in-house packaging and assembly experience help customers streamline their processes.


Companies from hardware to plumbing to firearms, make good use of our versatile equipment, cost-effective processes and quality approach. Prototypes don’t have to slow the timetable down anymore. Our rapid prototyping can speed you through your job. Our engineering assistance provides a more manufacturable part, by designing mutli-use parts and reducing your inventory. It’s the perfect solution when you need to move fast to ramp up production economically and efficiently.

As demand for your product grows, we’ll work with you to move toward semi-automatic and then full-automatic assembly.

Our packaging and assembly capabilities make Marion your one stop shop and can streamline your processes. Our current customer base includes plumbing, food processing, hardware, and firearms industries.

New Tech

Our customers include new companies and new technologies like wind and solar energy, high-tech communications, and more. They value our engineering consultation that always covers manufacturability — recommended adjustments that can reduce manufacturing costs. Marion’s customers can expect flexibility and hands-on attention to quality at every step. We have embarked on a mission to embrace new technology and ecological "green initiatives". Partnerships can be formed with companies involved in industries such as high tech communications, wind and solar energy. Our engineering team can work with you to take your ideas and bring them to the marketplace through rapid prototyping or small production runs.


Our vast experience in military applications makes us an ideal partner for aerospace companies.

Marion has demonstrated capabilities to maintain the precision tolerances and product repeatability critical to the aerospace industry. Military pilots depend on instrumentation that utilize Marion components.


Marion has been a leader in automotive production for over 60 years and we are proficient in prototypes, short run products, packaging and component assemblies. We can deliver the high or low volumes and the cost-efficiencies needed for automotive parts. Through continuous improvement and refinements in processes and equipment we continue to be your 1st choice when you are looking for economy and efficiency. With todays changing face of the automotive industry your suppliers need to be flexible and adaptable. Come to Marion with your ideas and leave with a marketplace innovation.